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About Our Wildlife Work

Wirral Animal Sanctuary at Larton  is a dedicated, RSPCA Approved  rescue, rehabilitation and release facility in Larton Liveries, Frankby. We havea huge capacity for sick and injured wildlife, incubators for intensive care needs, specially trained staff, and volunteers with a wealth of knowledge and huge passion!

Our facilities include an Isolation Unit for hedgehogs with infectious conditions, and Intensive Care Unit for animals with specialist needs, and two wards for recovering hedgehogs

PLEASE NOTE- While we welcome visitors to leave donations or seek advice, we do not allow the public into the area where the animals are kept and treated and do not allow the public to touch or hold wildlife.  They are wild animals and are all sick or injured so we must keep disturbance to a minimum. Thank you for your understanding.

How To Help

If you would like to help our wildlife, we would love to hear from you! 

The work The Centre primarily involves cleaning and feeding the hedgehogs and other animals.  If you are interested, we can progress your training to learning about parasite identification, medications, wound treatment, and much more. This is a fantastic work experience placement for those wishing to work with animals.

We always welcome new volunteers from the age of 16 and over, please come down to the next recruitment evening!

Name A Hog

We have lots of Hogs come to us for help at The Hog Centre, sometimes up to 11 a day! We really need your help naming them, if you would like to put a name into the jar for a hedgehog, you can do so by clicking here

The names are placed into jars, male, female, and unisex (for when we are unable to tell gender) and they are drawn at random by the Finders.

Sponsor A Cage

You can make a huge contribution to the hogs in our care by sponsoring a cage! For a one off donation of £50, you will receive a years sponsorship of a cage at The Hog Centre! You will receive a goody box of thank you's from the Hedgehogs, and each month you will receive a full update with photos of the residents of your cage that month!

To Sponsor a cage, please click here


Donations at The Hog Centre are very gratefully received, we simply rely on them and couldn't continue our work without the amazing people that support us. 

The items we use on a daily basis are-

  • Newspapers
  • Binbags
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Unscented Baby Wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Cat/dog or Kitten/puppy food (wet or dry)
  • Hedgehog Food
  • Dishwasher Tablets
  • Washing Powder

We also use a lot of specialist items, which can be purchased from our Amazon Wish List and delivered direct to the centre.

Opening Times

We are open seven days a week between 9am and 1pm

Wirral Animal Sanctuary

Larton Liveries

Frankby Stiles


CH48 1PL

07539 524755


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to save more animals and continue our work. Thank you so much.

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