Small animal rescue


Help for Small Animals

Throughout our time fostering, we have found that so many small animals need our help. Many people buy hamsters, mice, rats, degus etc with no real idea of the work involved. Children get bored, the novelty wears off, or circumstances may change. 

We find that many people do not realise that can a rescue CAN help with this, and so many small animals are simply let go, or given away on Social Media.

There is no need for this, we can help!

What We Do

Our small animals are housed at The Hog Centre (In a completely separate area to the hedgehogs). All animals have suitable sized cages, lots of toys and enrichment, and plenty of time out of their cages. 

All animals receive a vet check on arrival to approve them for rehoming. Specialist exotics vets are used when necessary for complex cases. 

Snakes are in foster homes and not kept with the rodents. 

What animals can we help with?

Rats, mice, hamsters,  degus, chinchillas, all types of reptiles and exotics.

Unfortunately we cannot yet help with ferrets or rabbits, but watch this space.

How Can I Rehome?

Please contact us on 0151 625 5464 to find out what animals we currently have available for adoption. You can make an appointment to visit them after 2pm.

If you would like to go ahead with adoption, a home check will be arranged.

Animals will not be re-homed until we have seen that you have a suitable sized enclosure. We are very strict on ensuring that our small animals are only housed in cages that are of a suitable size with lots of toys, a wheel, and correct substrate and bedding.

Adoption fees apply for all animals. 

Some animals are able to be rehomed with their current set-up.