Our Story

How It All Began...


Back in October 2015, Wirral Animal Sanctuary was simply an idea in my head.  With a background and a degree in Psychology, I had recently had a career change and been working with animals, finally realising my passion in life, and what I was supposed to do. 

A few months previously, I had rescued my amazing dog, Jackson from the RSPCA. He had been in kennels for a year despite having no real behavioural problems, he was simply a large bull breed that no one wanted. It really made me think, there simply weren't enough rescue spaces on the Wirral. 

What started with a post online about an idea, that I honestly thought would never take off, has now become a large organisation with over fifty dedicated volunteers, two charity shops, and a dedicated Hedgehog Rescue, "The Hog Centre".

None of this could have ever been achieved without people believing in my dream and supporting this much needed charity. 

Thank you so much,



The Dream


The Dream for Wirral Animal Sanctuary has always been to have a fully operational premises, rescuing all animals from dogs and cats, rodents, reptiles, unwanted farm animals, and wildlife. We liken our Dream to Freshfields, who do wonderful work in Liverpool and North Wales but sadly are very stretched. 

We became so busy since starting Wirral Animal Sanctuary, and we very quickly had to fill a need with The Hog Centre as we were receiving so many calls about sick and injured hedgehogs, but we still believe that our dream is still a reality, and we will work tirelessly until we achieve it. 

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Your support and contributions will enable us to save more animals and continue our work. Thank you so much.

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