Helping Hedgehogs


Hedgehog Friendly Gardens

As you probably know, hedgehogs are sadly on the decline in the UK, but you can help! There are lots of ways to make your garden as hedgehog friendly as possible such as log piles, hog houses, and hedgehog highways. 

Some great information can be found here


Feed Appropriately

Hopefully most people know by now that Bread and Milk are NOT suitable for hedgehogs, they are lactose intolerant so milk is very bad for them.

Recent research has also shown that mealworms, peanuts, and sunflower worms are also very unhealthy, and can cause irreversible damage such as Metabolic Bone Disease.

You may see meal worms at The Hog Centre, we ONLY use them in case a hedgehog is refusing to eat, and we only use a pinch that is ground up into their food to tempt them.

Please ONLY feed hedgehogs cat or dog food, dry or wet, any brand, flavour or type is fine and all they need!


No Slug Pellets!

Slug Pellets are poisonous to hedgehogs! Please do not use them. Hedgehogs love to eat slugs, encourage them into your garden for a natural slug repellant. 

Hedgehogs that have been poisoned by slug pellets suffer a long, and horrible death, sadly we have witnessed it for ourselves. Please help by spreading the word, maybe people are unaware.

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